Tony's Fishing Journey

In 1971 Tony had a great salmon season in Fort Bragg.  Tony purchased 5 crab pots. He loved crab fishing.  The next year he bought another 100 crab pots and he was then totally hooked on commercial crabbing.  During the next several years he purchased several boats, each time the boats got a little bigger.  In 1971 he purchased a bottom trawler.  Tony named the boat ” Three Daughters” after his three young daughters.  The boat would drag big nets on the ocean floor and he would unload rock cod, petrale sole, and various other bottom fish.  When Tony had his days off from the Fire Department he would go commercial salmon and crab fishing.  In 1998 Tony purchased the F/V Annabelle from one of the top, and most respected fishermen in Bodega Bay Earl Carpenter. When Tony was a young man “Uncle Pete” a friend of Tony’s father took Tony salmon fishing out of Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.  Tony loved fishing, he loved spending time as a child down at Fisherman’s Wharf hanging around all the commercial fishing boats.  In 1969 Tony purchased his first of many commercial fishing boats.  His Grandmother was so proud because Tony’s Grandfather was a fisherman back in Sicily, Italy.  His Grandfather then came to the United States and ran a sardine boat in Monterey, CA. While Tony was trying to get into the Fire Department he fished his commercial fishing boat.

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