The Story Of Us

Anthony (Tony) Anello was born in August 1948 in the Mission District of San Francisco. Later Tony’s family also moved to the Visitation Valley.

Carol Zucca was born in July of 1949 and grew up in the Visitation Valley area of San Francisco.

The Zucca and Anello families enjoyed getting out of the city, escaping to the Russian River area where they would spend the whole summer camping. There is a cherished photo of Carol and Tony together in front of a wood cabin when they were 3 and 4 years old.

Carol’s father passed away when she was 7 ending their summer trips to Guerneville and the families lost touch with one another.  In the meantime, Tony’s parents purchased a campground in Guerneville and eventually moved to Guerneville full time.  During that time Tony found a passion for horses and was putting every waking hour into training to be a professional calf roper in the rodeo circuit. 

Then in 1966 fate stepped in and Carol and Tony reunited. Carol’s family heard the Anello’s had a campground.  Their family was going to stay at the campground. Tony who just turned 18 had just come home from the rodeo when his mother told him that the Zucca’s were down at one of the campsites. His mother told him that he would be lucky to marry a girl like Carol. Up to that point, Tony hadn’t thought much about girls, his whole world was horses and training.  He thought that maybe he better go and get reacquainted with his childhood friend.  There it was, love at first site.  “Thunderstruck” is how Tony describes it.  She was beautiful, full-blooded Italian, Catholic, and a wonderful person.  Two weeks later Tony asked Carol to marry him. She said yes and after a proper courtship, they were married in September of 1967.  They made their home in Guerneville.  Things changed, Carol gave up her plans to go to Nursing School and Tony gave up his plans to be a Rodeo Cowboy.  Tony became an operating engineer apprentice.  Soon he went out on his own and purchased a backhoe and rototiller and went into business for himself.  Carol was busy helping with the business and making a time for them and their family.  

In 1968 Tony joined the Guerneville Volunteer Fire Department.  It didn’t take long for him to make the decision that he wanted to be a firefighter at the Oakland Naval Supply Center, in Oakland.  Tony was a Chief Engineer and in charge of maintaining the fire apparatus.  In 1998 the Navy base closed.  Tony then got a job at the Coast Guard Station in Two Rock.  Before long he was Chief Engineer there.  Tony retired from the fire service in 2005 after giving 37 years of total service to the departments he was in.

Tony and Carol purchased their property on Westshore Rd. in Bodega Bay.  The property was perfect for them, it was zoned commercial/residential.  They planned on building their home and business on the property.  In 2004 they were finally able to start building.  Inspired by Tony’s years of spending time down at Fisherman’s Wharf. Spud Point Crab Co. was born.  The property wasn’t that big, but it was big enough for their home and a 360 sq. ft. shop.  They wanted it to be like the old Fisherman’s Wharf that they both knew as kids in S.F. They wanted it to be family run and a place people could come and enjoy good food and be able to experience the beauty of Bodega Bay.  Carol and daughter Lisa ran the shop. Carol developed an award-winning Clam Chowder recipe, daughter Lisa put together a menu that was small, but simple.  Everything would be as fresh as possible.  Soon the shop became a place to visit when you were in Bodega Bay.  Thanks to winning numerous awards, having been featured on T.v. , and being in several magazines such as Sunset and VIA, Spud Point Crab Co. was bringing people to Bodega Bay from all over the US.  Daughter Gina quit her job to come into the family business, bringing her business experience with her.  Oldest daughter Lori helps out when needed and all three grandaughters pitch in when things get really busy.  Tony and son Mark provide product for the shop. When all the family is working together, there is no mistake that this is a true Italian Family operation.  Son Mark has fished with his father since he was 5 years old.  Just as his Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather before him, he fell in love with fishing.  mark started fishing after purchasing one of his fathers first boats that he bought.  Mark now has a state of the art commercial fishing boat that has all of the latest technology.  His Great Grandfather would probably say “what is all this stuff”. All his Great Grandfather had when fishing years ago back in Italy was a compass.

Tony and Carol love living in Bodega Bay.  They relish the early morning hours and the evenings when it is so quiet and peaceful. Tony has his boat right across the street, Carol walks out her front door to the business.  The whole family is involved in the business. It is their heaven on earth to both of them.  They thank God every day for their blessings.

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